Saturday, January 25, 2014

Me and my big mouth

People who know me learn very quickly that I am a baseball fan like they've never encountered before and also that I am quite opinionated. I don't often bite my tongue when there's room for my 2 cents to be put in, a question needs to be asked and a goofy, sarcastically-toned joke needs to be made.

My mouth also usually gets me into arguments and those can often be lengthy ones if I (a) am trying to make a point or (b) I am trying to silence a troll/"meatball" that is annoying me or someone I view as a friend. As my mouth gets me into arguments, it can also get me into trouble, as I can be viewed as tactless or relentless in getting my point across and how I can sometimes can't admit that I am not always right(just 88% of the time I am).

Being a resident of the Chicagoland area, I am well-knowledged in the goings on of the Cubs and White Sox, however my allegiance as a fan goes to neither side(I am a Tampa Bay Rays fan). If I get bored with conversing with one team's fans, I can jump into one with another team. Hard for me to not have some opinion on any team. My brain sponges up sports info like a chess champ has 1000s of scenarios programmed into his head.

Loose Change will be my soapbox to rant from, a place to share/debate my opinions at and eventually be the home to my podcasting venture(soon!).

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